M.A. Western Kentucky University, 2013 – Master of Arts in Religious Studies 4.0 GPA
B.A. Western Kentucky University, 2001 – Religious Studies/History

Adjunct Instructor, Institute for Citizenship & Social Responsibility, Western Kentucky University
Adjunct Instructor, WKU Honors College
Program Coordinator, Institute for Citizenship & Social Responsibility – Western Kentucky University
March 2010-Present
Supervision: Supervised Nine Student Workers and Graduate Assistants;
Project Management: Coordinated innovative programs in Public Achievement, The $100 Solution™, & Hill House (a live-in community-based research project); Lead coordinator of the Kentucky Engagement Conference 2012; oversaw State and Foundation Budgets; Established & cultivated academic partnerships with other campuses across the country;
Curricular Development: helped design new course proposals; worked with faculty across campus on community-based projects and service-learning;
Writing & Speaking: prepared grant proposals & successfully managed two, one for a fair trade intern and one for the Hill House project; delivered multiple presentations in 3 years on a range of topics, including: civic engagement on university campuses, religious diversity in the United States, the role of faith in civic engagement, & the decline of social capital in the United States.

Executive DirectorHOTEL INC
Supervision: Supervised two employees and multiple volunteers;
Management: Managed daily operations of a local nonprofit; Compiled and delivered multiple monthly reports; Developed local and national partnership
Innovation: Initiated the development of a holistic, transitional housing program


“Revisiting Sacred Metaphors: A Religious Studies Pedagogical Response to the Rise of the Nones,” Journal of Religion and Society Volume 16, January 2014, co-author William Simpson

“The Nascent Stages of Religious Diversity in South Central Kentucky” Harvard Pluralism Project, On Common Ground, Summer 2013

“God, Guts, & Glory: An Investigation of Relational Support Mechanisms for War Veterans Provided by Faith Communities” Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion December 2012


“Revisiting Sacred Metaphors: A Religious Studies Pedagogical Response to the Rise of the Nones” (Paper) Southeast Commission for the Study of Religion, Atlanta GA, March 2014

“Star Spangled Saints: Ritual Practices that Legitimate War and Violence in the American Church” (Paper) American Academy of Religion, Baltimore MD, November 2013

“The Civic Relevance of Interfaith Collaboration” (panel) AASC&U American Democracy Project, Denver CO, June 2013

“Creative Strategies for Utilizing Technology in Co-Curricular Civic Programming” (workshop) AASC&U American Democracy Project, Denver CO, June 2013

“God, Guts, & Glory: An Investigation of Relational Support Mechanisms for War Veterans Provided by Faith Communities” (paper) Southeast Commission for the Study of Religion, Greenville SC, March 2013

“Organizing Religion: The Role of Faith-based organizations in Democratic Work” – American Democracy Project June 2012, San Antonio TX, June 2012

“The Five Points of Partnership: A Campus & Community Partnership to Approach Healthier Communities” Portland State University | Institute for Partnerships May 2011

“Empowering Students to Serve Generously & Act Responsibility: Developing Deeper Levels of Engagement.” Kentucky Engagement Conference November 2010

“Moving Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex” Christian Community Development Assoc. Conference September 2010

Teaching Experience
HON 251 – Citizen & Self (multiple sections) – WKU Honors College Fall 2013 & Spring 2014
ICSR 499 – Independent Study – Religion & the Public Sphere Re-examined Spring 2014
ICSR 301 – Religion & the Public Sphere, Fall 2013
ICSR 301 – Public Achievement, Fall 2013
ICSR 301 – Being a Citizen Professional, Fall 2013
ICSR 301 – Faith & Service – Co-Taught w/ Dr. Eric Bain-Selbo Spring 2013
REL 102 – Introduction to Religious Studies – Co-Taught w/ Dr. Bella Mukonyora Spring 2012
ICSR 301 – Diversity & Social (In)Justice – Co-Taught Fall 2011
Community Based Development Instruction (Hill House Program)
Developed an interdisciplinary course pertaining to best practices of and ethical considerations in community development, community-based research. Fall 2011 & 2012
HON 300 – Teaching Assistant – Service-Learning Through Community Dev. – Assisted in the Development of a course embedding The $100 Solution™ Program for WKU’s Honor’s College. Fall 2010

Grants & Awards
WKU Potter College Excellence in the Graduate Study of Religion Award
WKU Office of Research First Time Grant Award
WKU Community Partnership Incentive Award Recipient
Fair Trade University Intern Grant Recipient

MA Courses
Prophets & Charismatic Figures
The Passionate and the Pious
Religious Thought
American Evangelicals & Politics
Theory & Methods in Religious Studies
Ethnographies in Religious Studies
Folklore Fieldwork
Religious Texts & Contexts

American Academy of Religion 2012

Academic Interests
Religion & American Society | Religion & Social Justice | Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism in the American South | The Religious Nones & the Emerging Church

Kentucky Engagement Conference 2012 Planning Committee
Multi-cultural Services Coordinator Job Search Committee 2012
WKU Fair Trade Steering Committee
Community Partnership Incentive Awards Selection Committee
WKU Hill House Advisory Committee
BGCAN (Bowling Green Coalition of Active Neighborhoods)
HOTEL INC Board member 2010
HOTEL INC Executive Director Search , May 2010
Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies Job Search Committee, WKU, August 2010
Community Engagement Coordinator Job Search Committee, WKU, August 2010
Office Associate Job Search Committee, ALIVE CCP, WKU, August 2010

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