The Category of Unimaginables

In a The Shared Self, I briefly explored the ways in which I have come to think about self through intersubjectivity. Admittedly, these thoughts are briefly detailed and lack a thorough investigation; however this blog allows me a space to work through my understandings.

Continuing with my thoughts from yesterday, I want to explore more closely those within the supportive hub of the web of connections. (This might be similar to the “circle of trust” or the inner circle as some have referred to it.) I have come to refer to certain, elite persons of the web as “Unimaginables.” I utilize the term unimaginable to denote the intensity of the relationship in so much that the hub cannot conceive of life without the Unimaginable.

Thus the relationship with the unimaginable is usually composed of intersections and parallels based from a rich, complex history. The memories associated with the Unimaginable draw from a storehouse of shared experiences, emotions, losses, gains, and commonalities. All this together makes the Unimaginable irreplaceable.

The loss of an Unimaginable leads to great anguish. In fact, the very thought of losing an Unimaginable can cause great, emotional distress. And potentially the only comfort one can find from losing an Unimaginable is the proximity of other Unimaginables.

Numerically, a person could have a diminutive or expansive amount of Unimaginables within their life, but I would argue that there is certainly a limit of Unimaginables that one could maintain.

To connect it further with my post from yesterday, I am fortunate to have several Unimaginables within my web of connections. My immediate family (wife and kids), parents, brother, and friends across the globe engender my closest web of Unimaginables.


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